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These beautiful heavy equipment pictures are from the Equipment Pictures Thread of my favorite forum. Happy New Year Everyone!

Heavy Equipment News in the World

Heavy Equipment Desperately Needed in Indonesia

AT LEAST 80 people have been killed after days of torrential rain triggered landslides in the central Java region of Indonesia.

Thousands more have been forced to seek shelter after their homes were buried or washed away in mudslides, which some blame on deforestation.

Hundreds of soldiers, police and volunteers were trying to get heavy-lifting equipment to affected villages on the main island of Java, but blocked roads were hampering their efforts...

...A lack of heavy equipment was slowing rescue efforts, officials said.

80 killed as heavy rain in Java causes mudslides

NAHETS Training in the Middle East

Hussain Al-Zaiban (managing partner and president of Four Hands Construction Company) and Mike Martens (Director of Operations - NAHETS) announced that we had agreed on a working arrangement to bring NAHETS training to Saudi Arabia with Four Hands Company to take the lead as the training organization utilizing NAHETS curriculum and training methods. Four Hands would provide NAHETS standard of training to Saudi Arabia and to the entire Middle East.

Wanna Feel the Power of a Caterpillar 312C Excavator? - Im a Big Kid Now!

Are you an overgrown kid who still yearns to play in the sandbox? Now there's a perfectly respectable way to do just that.

For a few hundred dollars, a new Steamboat Springs enterprise called Dig This will put you at the controls of a powerful Caterpillar 312C Excavator or a big-bellied D5G bulldozer.

What happens next is up to you. Create your own version of Mount Werner. Move boulders around like golf balls with a skid-loader. Crush stuff. Scoop out a pond. Pretend this is Egypt and build a pyramid.

Recent Heavy Equipment Industry News

Training Is Important Throughout The Construction Industry

In an industry like construction, where techniques, materials, equipment, and regulations are constantly changing, continuous training is vital to maximizing work force productivity, work quality and leader development...

...The most traditional training providers have been the state's 16 technical colleges. They continue to be a primary source of training for construction and industrial workers, offering education in skilled trades ranging from construction labor, bricklaying, masonry, carpentry, electrician, welding, HVAC technician, and plumbing, to equipment technician, surveying, drafting, and architectural design...

...Another source of training is contractors themselves, many of whom hold their own training programs about safety, productivity, quality, specific skills, and other topics important to their employees and company.

Training is also available from manufacturers and dealers, who offer courses about using and maintaining the products they sell...

Ingersoll-Rand Agrees to Buy Trane for $9.95 Billion

Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Ingersoll-Rand Co., the world's largest maker of truck-refrigeration units, agreed to buy Trane Inc. for about $9.95 billion in cash and stock to add air- conditioning systems, more than tripling climate-control sales.

Excavator Digging

Komatsu in Action

Street Digging with an Excavator

Excavator Skills

Excavator Brings the House Down

Heavy Equipment Training and Education News

Caterpillar donation powers CDU apprentices

World-renowned heavy earth-moving manufacturer Caterpillar has boosted the outlook of heavy vehicle apprentices studying at Charles Darwin University with a substantial donation of equipment.

Hastings Deering Australia, distributor of Caterpillar heavy equipment, have donated two, state-of-the-art Caterpillar C18 engines valued at $75,000 each for the use of CDU’s heavy vehicle mechanics. The handover took place on Tuesday, 11 December.

PRCC heavy-equipment program gets 4 pieces of new equipment

Donations of $100,000 from Huey Stockstill Inc. in Picayune, $50,000 from Puckett Machinery and $50,000 from the Caterpillar Foundation, along with four pieces of Caterpillar equipment got the training started.

CMLabs Utilizes Technology to Enhance Training

Canada-based CMLabs Simulations has been engaged in delivering superior simulation products designed for training needs, with attention paid to both the software and the hardware. The company has devoted significant resources to developing a highly evolved technology platform, called Vortex, which permits realistic, real-time, interactive 3D representation of vehicles in contact with terrain and other objects.

State-of-the-art heavy equipment simulators for Crane Operator Training Tools.

Recent Heavy Equipment Industry News

Heavy Equipment Industry News from Around the World

South Korean Heavy Equipment Company Lands a Deal

South Korea's Doosan Heavy Industries said on Tuesday it had secured a 293.6 billion won ($317.9 million) power equipment order from a Philippine unit of Korea Electric Power Corp. The equipment would be delivered by May 31, 2011, Doosan said in a filing with the Korea Exchange.

Doosan Heavy wins $318 mln order from Philippines

Indonesia's United Tractors Reports Increase in Sales

Indonesia's leading heavy equipment distributor and mining contractor, PT United Tractors, said Friday its sales of Komatsu heavy equipment rose 55 percent in the first 11 months of the year from a year before.

Sales to the mining sector remained the biggest contributor to the total, but sales to the agriculture sector posted the largest increase.

Indonesia's United Tractors Jan-Nov heavy equipment sales up 55 percent

Back home in the US, heavy equipment companies are also showing a positive outlook:

Heavy-Equipment Companies Get a Boost From Strong Overall Market, Variety of Financial News

Shares of a a wide variety of heavy equipment companies rose Wednesday, pulled up by a strong overall market, along with individual financial news that pleased investors.

Heavy Equipment Accident Video

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Another Stupid Heavy Equipment Accident - Never Underestimate!

Stupid Heavy Equipment Videos of the Week

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Unloading Excavator Demonstration

Watch closely, this is the way to unload an excavator off the wrong sized truck. You gotta work with what you have. Skillful yet almost unnecessary.

And to stay with excavators, let's examine a near fatal excavator accident investigation. Stupid, but serious, and there are some useful tips.

And another, not so serious this time :)

Heavy Equipment Happenings of the Day

Students learn heavy equipment skills while the industry ramps up.

Komatsu Indonesia Plans to Invest $100 Million Towards Research and Expansion

PT Komatsu Indonesia, a subsidiary of Japan-based heavy machinery manufacturer Komatsu Ltd., plans to invest some US$100 million over the next three years for expansion and research. Komatsu, which produces equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, motor graders and dump trucks, expects to have a market share of about 50 percent this year, Pratjojo said.

Still Making Earth Move

Terex, based in Westport, makes heavy construction equipment and is battling the effects housing problems are having on the economy.

"There is an old expression I have ... when you're in a hurricane you're probably going to get wet," he said. "Once the skies clear a little bit, probably the economic clouds that are on the horizon, I think you'll see our equity pop back up."

Students Gain Hands-On Experience at Career Expo

Gimson, a senior at Milan High School, joined 20 other students from the high school last month at the "Just Build It!" Construction Career Expo. The event introduced students to a broad range of career opportunities that are available in the construction industry. In addition, students were able to try their hands at the work done in construction, as well as education and training needed for these careers.

Stations were set up for different jobs, including carpentry, construction, brick laying, cement work, land surveying and heavy equipment.

NAHETS Blog Covers Women in Construction and Heavy Equipment Industry

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There is no doubt the construction and heavy equipment industry is currently dominated by men. Traditionally, like most fields, men were only seen on site. Times are changing. Women are increasingly being hired for many of these jobs. This is not only due to the fact that there is a shortage of operators, in general, but also because women may possess motor and sensory skills that are innate to them. Im not saying one gender is better than the other. But it is very possible that one gender may be better suited in certain areas.

Women are Driving Monster Toys Too!

The NAHETS blog does a great job highlighting this growing trend. Although the relative numbers are still small, women are being trained and utilized more than ever operating heavy equipment. They have posted stats for you to check out.

Construction and Heavy Equipment Jobs . . . For Women Too

John Deere Introduces New Scraper Tractors

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John Deere introduces a new line of large, high-horsepower tractors – the 9030 Series Scraper Tractors. These three models of tractors, ranging from 425 to 530 hp, are engineered for large-scale scraper operations, providing more power, productivity, operator comfort and cleaner burning engines that meet federal Tier III emissions standards.

Engine Estimated Fuel
Model Weight HP Engine Spec Transmission Tank
*9430 44,000-46,000 lbs. 425 13.5L/ 2100 rpm 18-Speed PS 350 Gal.
*9530 44,600-46,600 lbs. 475 13.5L/ 2100 rpm 18-Speed PS 350 Gal.
*9630 45,800-50,000 lbs. 530 13.5L/ 2100 rpm 18-Speed PS 350 Gal.

*Scraper models are offered as 18-Speed PS Transmission only.*Specifications subject to change. Please contact your local dealer for more detailed information.

John Deere Provides More Power, Performance with 9430, 9530, and 9630 Scraper Specials

Heavy Equipment Operator Interview Questions

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Many heavy equipment and construction companies will hire on the spot since the demand is so great for heavy equipment operators. None the less, this is a chance for you to meet the team/company and a chance for the prospective employer to meet you. Being well-prepared for the interview and its questions can arm you with getting the best offer you are worth. Below are some tips and sample questions that have accumulated specifically to heavy equipment operators. The day of the interview, wear nice dress slacks with a nice shirt, tie optional.

5 General Tips to Always Remember During the Interview:

1. Never Lie. Always tell the truth. Make sure your resume does not include lies either. They want to know why they should hire you and how you can benefit their operations.
2. Be Confident and Positive. The interviewer will not be confident in you unless you exhibit confidence in yourself. They want to see positive can-do attitudes.
3. Sit up and Stand Straight. Don’t slouch or seem unnaturally stiff. Just sit straight up with good posture.
4. Smile. Smiling will relieve some of the stress and allow you to be more personable with the interviewer.
5. Be Respectful and Courteous. The interviewer may be viewing your every move as generally they are signs of your behavior and attitude. Since you have already gained an interview opportunity, they have already expressed interest in your capabilities and experiences/education.

*They are not allowed to ask personal privacy rights questions. Most interviewers are aware of this. They can not discriminate or ask about age, gender, or race. Do not get too personal, and remember to be positive.

Questions that Seem to Come Up during a Heavy Equipment Operator Interview
Common in the construction industry, interviewers will ask behavioral type questions such as the following:

What is your greatest personal achievement?
Where do you see yourself in five/ten years?
What is your favorite color?
What is your worst quality?
What are your strengths/weaknesses?
Do you have any questions for us? Always answer this. Do not say you don’t have any questions. Ask about the company history, the size of the company, who you are replacing, anything about the position. Basically you want to show them that you are equally interested.

Remember you want to show that you are positive and will be a great asset to their operations. Always lead back to this and you should do fine. Be confident and well-prepared and you will soon be part of a team. Have fun with the monster toys!