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More Women Needed for Heavy Equipment Jobs

Due to a shortage of skilled laborers, women are being hired and trained to operate monster toys. Many women are showing positive feedback upon entering the field. Times are changing and men can now share their passion for monster toys with women.

Need a heavy equipment driver? Hire a woman, company says

Santa Cruz Residents Taking Charge Using Heavy Equipment

Neighbors already have used heavy equipment three times to move two 8,000-pound concrete barricades the county installed to block both ends of a quarter-mile closure on Highland Way.

Neighbors armed with heavy equipment, county battle over closed road

Oh dear! I keep forgetting I'm not in Kansas!

Heavy Equipment enthusiasts will be pleased to know that right by their airport, an agreement for the creation of ITEC Expo is being finalized, a multipurpose mixed-use project designed for manufacturers of heavy equipment and machinery for industries including transportation, farming, construction, material handling, seaport equipment, rail transportation, mining and exploration.

ITEC Expo will provide heavy equipment manufacturers with an international destination where they can exhibit and demonstrate, market and sell their products, as well as provide support for dealers, distributors and wholesalers and conduct market, consumer and competitive research. Additionally, the facility will offer educational opportunities to ensure that end-users have capable, trained and experienced operators for their type of heavy equipment.

ITEC Expo will also be open to the public, offering an opportunity for visitors to learn about all types of heavy machinery and see the equipment in action.

Kansas City International Airport to be Home to Heavy Equipment Demo Facility

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