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Heavy Equipment Happenings of the Day

Students learn heavy equipment skills while the industry ramps up.

Komatsu Indonesia Plans to Invest $100 Million Towards Research and Expansion

PT Komatsu Indonesia, a subsidiary of Japan-based heavy machinery manufacturer Komatsu Ltd., plans to invest some US$100 million over the next three years for expansion and research. Komatsu, which produces equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, motor graders and dump trucks, expects to have a market share of about 50 percent this year, Pratjojo said.

Still Making Earth Move

Terex, based in Westport, makes heavy construction equipment and is battling the effects housing problems are having on the economy.

"There is an old expression I have ... when you're in a hurricane you're probably going to get wet," he said. "Once the skies clear a little bit, probably the economic clouds that are on the horizon, I think you'll see our equity pop back up."

Students Gain Hands-On Experience at Career Expo

Gimson, a senior at Milan High School, joined 20 other students from the high school last month at the "Just Build It!" Construction Career Expo. The event introduced students to a broad range of career opportunities that are available in the construction industry. In addition, students were able to try their hands at the work done in construction, as well as education and training needed for these careers.

Stations were set up for different jobs, including carpentry, construction, brick laying, cement work, land surveying and heavy equipment.

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